Phone wallpapers of the maestro, Xavi Hernandez. This footballing legend has won everything there is to win and was at the heart of the greatest football team ever.




Phone wallpapers of the man, the myth, the legen that is Ronaldinho Gaucho. Not many in the history of football can compare to Ronaldinho's talent, flair and excitement. In his prime, he was arguably the best ever.



Eric Abidal

Phone wallpapers of the Frenchman, Eric Abidal. The always reliable left back brought balance and stability to the team before having to retire after beating cancer twice.



Here you will find phone wallpapers of the legendary Johan Cruyff, one of the best players to ever play football. His career at Barca as both player and as coach changed the history of the club forever.


Phone wallpapers of one of the cornerstones of Barca's success in recent years, Dani Alves. This joker's feel good attitude and footballing abilities have made him one of the most decorated defensemen in history.



Claudio Bravo

Phone wallpapers of Barcelona's league starting goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo. The Chilean has cemented his starting position with consistently stellar preformances since joining the club.



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